| Private Lessons / COACHING | by appointment   
   beginning at 8yrs                                     

Private Lessons & Coaching with School Directors, Spencer G. Hering & Andrea D. Shelley                                                                      

half hour $ 40    
45 min(s) $ 60                                                                                                               
one hour $ 80

| Contemporary Ballet/Contemporary CHOREOGRAPHY | by appointment 
   beginning at 8yrs    
Original CHOREOGRAPHY created by School Directors, Spencer G. Hering & Andrea D. Shelley 

Please inquire within for choreography FEES


| ACCELERATED Fridays | by invitation only

Specialized Accelerated Training with School Directors, Spencer G. Hering & Andrea D. Shelley

Please direct AF inquiries to:  

​​​​​​ Original Choreography available for​​
-Ballet Competitions

Entrance Auditions for:
-Middle & High School Magnet Programs 
-College & University Programs
-Summer Dance Programs 
-Scholarship Programs

Accelerated Fridays (AF) is a 4 week training program that offers advanced training and coaching in ballet technique and contemporary movement. AF is structured to hasten the progress of the students’ dance education by: training a well-rounded young artist versed in both classical and contemporary techniques; fostering a disciplined work ethic; nurturing technical potential and proficiency. AF specilaized training opportunity is offered in conjunction with existing training and will be offered for a six week period, June 8 -July 29, 2018.