| TUITION Policy |

TUITION must be paid in FULL, each TERM, prior to the onset of classes.

TERM A:  August 27 - December 22, 2018
TUITION is DUE by no later than Friday, August 17, 2018 

TERM B:  January 8 - May 18, 2019  
TUITION is DUE by no later than Friday, December 10, 2018

TERM C:  June 3 - July 27, 2019   
TUITION is DUE by no later than Friday, May 17, 2019

An annual (non-refundable) Registration Fee of $ 50 will be due upon Registration. (Annual Family Registration Fee: $ 80.)

Tuition is based on $ 25 per class. There are no discounts or refunds if a student misses classes due to illness, vacations or any other reason. NO REFUNDS will be issued for missed classes under any circumstances. Make-up classes are NOT available at this time.  Please ensure that your child attends their scheduled classes on a regular basis.  

Tuition payments in the form of cash, personal checks or credit cards will be accepted at the front desk of Mandelstam DANCE only.  Please make checks payable to: Mandelstam Dance.  All transactions must be completed at Mandelstam Dance only. All payments are final and are not refundable or transferable.

A $ 25 late fee will be charged on, TERM A (Tuesday, September 10th), TERM B (Tuesday, January 15th) and TERM C (Monday, June 10th.)  A service charge of $ 35 will be charged for all returned NSF checks. NSF checks must be replaced within 10 days. 

​Please download, print and complete the provided Registration Form.  Bring your completed Form along with the appropriate non-refundable Fee at time of registration.

2018 CLOSURES                                                                                                                       
TERM A  Aug 27 - Dec 22                                                                                     
Labor Day - September 3                                                         

Thanksgiving - November 21 - 25                                               
Winter Break - December 23, 2018 - January 7, 2019  

2019 CLOSURES                                               
TERM B   Jan 8 - May 18                                                                
Martin Luther King’s Day - January 21                         
President’s Day - February 18   
Spring Break - March 25 -31

TERM C   Jun 3 - Jul 27   
​​Independence Day - July 4  


| PERFORMANCE Schedule & Fees |

- Parent Observation Weeks will take place October 1-6, 2018 (Mon-Sat) and January 4-9, 2018 (Mon-Sat) during your child’s regularly scheduled class time.  You are invited to come experience your young artist(s) in their classroom setting. 

- Annual Spring Performance
Sunday, May 4, 2019 at 3:00pm at Mandelstam Theater

JOIN us for our annual Spring Performance and see your child’s hard work and dedication pay off.  Watch your movers & shakers take the stage and share their love for the art of movement.  Student participation is mandatory. Obligatory dates are Saturday, May 3, 2019 (TECH/DRESS Rehearsal) & Sunday, May 4, 2019 (Performance.) A $ 80 particpation/costume rental fee will be due on February 11, 2018 to cover performance costumes/accessories, production and theatre costs. Students will not own costumes.  Costumes will be property of Mandelstam Dance. 

Ticket Cost: $ 20  / General Admission. Tickets will be available for purchase in person at  Mandelstam DANCE beginning February  25, 2018 through April 27, 20189.  After the Thursday, April 27, 2019 advance purchase deadline, tickets will be available at the door for $ 25It is required that each family purchase a minimum of 4 tickets. 

- Informal Studio Demonstration will be held at the conclusion of TERM C on Friday, July 27, 2019 at 3:00pm, Studio A.  Student participation is mandatory and a $ 20 rental fee will be due on May 18, 2019 to cover headpieces and dance attire accessories for the studio demonstration.  Come witness your young artist’s progress first hand.  

| DROP Off/Pick-UP Policy |
Parents/Guardians are responsible for dropping their children off for their classes no earlier than 10 minutes prior to the start of class. Parents/Guardians must also pick up their children no later than 10 minutes after the conclusion of their class. Students will be charged a $20 service fee if your child is not picked up after the 10 minute grace period. Mandelstam DANCE and Mandelstam DANCE Faculty are not responsible for children left unattended in or outside Mandelstam DANCE or for any children beyond 10 minutes after the last class of the afternoon/evening.  We appreciate your attention to this matter of time management.      

​| DROP Off/Pick-UP Procedure |
All students must be dropped off at the studio door.  Parents/Guardians are invited to wait outside in the picnic area for their children and park in the main parking lot.  Parents may enter through the small front gate of the school (through the archway) or through the large sliding gates located on 57 avenue. Parents/Guardians are also invited to pick up your children up via the circular drive. Please do not enter through South Miami Gymnastics.

Attendance is required for ALL scheduled classes. Ability to absorb class material is dependent upon consistent attendance. There will be NO MAKE-UP classes available due to the tight program schedule and NO REFUNDS will be issued for missed classes under any circumstances.    

Please ensure that your child attends their scheduled classes on a regular basis. We expect that Mandelstam DANCE dancers and their families will weigh heavily their commitment to the program with the understanding that every absence affects student progress and the program as a whole.

​​​​​| STUDENT/PARENT Classroom Policy|  
Classroom etiquette requires great discipline and Mandelstam Dance expects all its students to work in such a fashion at all times.

Dancers are expected to be ready for class at their scheduled start time with their hair done, shoes on and in the appropriate required attire before they walk into the classroom. This is NOT the responsibility of Mandelstam DANCE Faculty.  When applicable, a student is expected to arrive 10-15 minutes to warm up and stretch before a class, private lesson or rehearsal begins. This assists with one’s focus and physical well-being. 

Uniform Dress Code is strongly enforced. It is required that students wear the appropriate attire to each class and that each participant take pride in their appearance as ambassadors of Mandelstam DANCE. No street clothes over dance clothes will be allowed in class. Warm-ups are only to be worn if necessary and must be designed for dance and be form fitting. No jewelry other than small earrings are permitted. Hair should be secured in a neat bun, away from the face for every class held at Mandelstam DANCE.  This is NOT the responsibility of Mandelstam Dance Faculty. (Please visit the UNIFORM page to watch a bun tutorial.)   Any student not properly dressed for class will not be allowed to participate and will only be allowed to observe class.

For TMS students, it is mandatory that your child come to school with backpacks and/or dance bags packed with a sufficient amount of hair pins, hair nets, hair spray/gel and a brush.  These items will not be provided by Mandelstam DANCE.  All TMS students enrolled in Creative Movement, Pre-Ballet, Ballet 1, Modern 1 and Jazz 1 classes will be assisted with their hair.

Students arriving late are not permitted to walk into class. Late students must wait just inside the classroom door and ask the instructor’s permission to join the class that has begun.

If a student is over 10 minutes late for their scheduled class, they will not be permitted to take class unless special arrangements have been made prior to class (with Mandelstam DANCE Faculty.)  If tardiness is anticipated, please either inform Mandelstam DANCEvia email or phone, a minimum of one day prior to the occasion.

In the event a student needs to leave the classroom, it is required that each participant ask the instructor’s permission to do so. 

If your child needs to be removed from class early, please inform the instructor at the onset of the class.​

Excessive conversations should not take place during class. This can be disruptive to fellow classmates and the instructor.  Students shall NOT lean on the barres, sit down or stand in a manner that promotes negative body language and disrespect.  It is proper classroom etiquette and a gesture of respect to applaud the instructor at the completion of each class.

No gum, food or drinks are permitted on the dance floor or dressing room. Only water in a closed container is permitted.                                       

Cellular phones must be silenced and stored away in the dressing room. Cellular phones in the classroom will not be tolerated. 

Parents are not allowed to disrupt on-going classes. If you have a concern, please ask the front desk to pass a note onto the instructor or email the studio at [email protected] Your student's instructor will get back to you as soon as possible.

​​| CLASS Attitude/Behavior Policy |
Respect for Teachers, Choreographers and other students in class, is expected.  Proper behavior is essential in dance in order to progress.  We aspire not only to give proper dance training, but also to create an environment where children can learn the art of cooperation, self-expression, acceptance, perseverance and resilience.  Kindness and respect are stressed in each and every class.

Disruptive behavior, misuse of studio/TMS property, willful destruction of any studio/TMS property, misuse and/or willful destruction of Mandelstam Theater equipment or props, inappropriate language, physical mistreatment of anyone at Mandelstam DANCE on TMS property, and any other behavior deemed unfit for the studio environment will result in the removal of the student from class and/or from Mandelstam DANCE entirely.  

Mandelstam DANCE reserves the right to refuse, suspend or withdraw our services to anyone at the sole discretion of Mandelstam DANCE without refund.

The Mandelstam School reserves the right to dismiss, suspend or withdraw a TMS enrolled student from Mandelstam DANCE at its sole discretion.​